It happens that one time while walking down the street, next to a construction store there was a twisted wire that caught my mind… from there onwards the connection between me and the subject got stronger and stronger. I started to experiment with different wires, length, strength, and elasticity. I was hypnotized by the theme of ‘lines’. Suddenly it felt like 2D sketches can come to life with a 3D graphics with light and shadow. I never know in advance what will be the final result. I let the matter to flow into my hands and direct me as I work. So it has been with ‘the head of the deer’, that took several months, starting with the horns. Slowly it started to be guided by it on what I should do next. The unique connection between the frame and the old canvas was – incredible, that got together by itself, almost like the oil floating on water. As so, an interesting composition was born, on one hand, conflict with anything in nature, and on the other hand, create a complete homogeneous composition of nature – Flowers and Deer.

This artifact was created by Einav Bachar Hadjadj, 45 years old. In the year 1996, she finished university studies in the Art department of the Kalisher School of Art in Tel Aviv. she defined her self as a multi-spline artist.

Art for me is a continues research of matter and  colors and textures. The world is a big pot of artistic happiness which we need to discover. As part of the working process, I like to view the canvas following the sense of the strokes of my brash on it.