Very Rare French antique ‘Nécessaire de Voyage’ dressing case was manufactured and retailed  by Pierre-Dominique Maire, Paris, 1763-1827.
This  is a complete travel box, from silverware(Gold plated & Signed)  to darning ball, to cosmetics, hair care… & much more at fantastic condition & made to perfection
 The box is made out from Burr Walnut, edged in brass, with ornate recessed brass  edges. The top and front of the box have been inlaid with a brass perimeter border . At the top of the Box  initials of ‘H.L.C’ are engraved into a brass plate.

The interior, lined in burgundy leather and matching velvet, 
The box has 3 layered  trays like a Russian Matryoshka doll, in order to maximise the limited room available.
2 Hand Painted Sevre(Unsigned) Porcelain  Plates
2 Hand Painted Sevre(Unsigned) Porcelain  Glasses – each one includes additional 2 Crystal Glasses & Silver Sterling  24 K Gold Plated  Cup (Each one is Signed)
1 Hand Painted Sevre(Unsigned) Porcelain Milk
1 Hand Painted Sevre(Unsigned) Porcelain Tea Pot
8  cut glass bottles and jars with engraved and engine turned silver lids 24K Gold Plated (Each one is Signed)
1. Silver Sterling  24K Gold Plated Kettle(Contains Crystal Glass) – Signed 
1. Silver Sterling  24K Gold Plated  spirit burner With Matching Handle – Signed
1. Candle Holder Silver Sterling  24K Gold Plated – Signed
First Tray:
Includes the 2 Porcelain Cups
1 Crystal Jar
2 Containers
Combs & Brushes
Second Tray:
Cutlery – All made out from Silver Sterling  24K Gold Plated- Signed
2. Small Spoon
1. Big Spoon
1. Fork
2. Folding Knifes with Mother of Pearl Handles
Top Tray: Swing Set  -In this Tray all Parts in Gold Color are Made out from Pure 24 Karat Gold- Signed(Not Plated)
At the Bottom of the Box you can find shows Brush , Needles Pillow, Silver Sterling Gold Plated wash basins, Porcelain Paperweight & Wooden darning ball
As well a small Notebook 
Please take a look at the pictures – if you have any questions we will happy to help you
Width of the box 40 Cm  Lenfth 26, height: 14 Cm