This amazing hand crafted Silver Judaica filigree Spice Besamim Tower made by Ben Zion, in Jerusalem. It has a little Silver Judaica stand on which stand three boxes, each smaller than the other. See the Silver Judaica flag on top, decorated with brick design. The square boxes have delicate curved lattice work done identically on all the boxes. A tiny, delicate filigree door is seen on the biggest box, while the beautiful floral design is done by hand. The stand has been elegantly craved and you can see fine Silver Judaica work done on all the four sides. Above the boxes is the stout sterling Silver Judaica 925, holder for the flag. Perfect for connoisseurs of valuable art pieces. Gift your loved ones this beautiful piece of art on special occasions.
Measurements :
Height: 0, Width:0 , Length: 7.5 INCH