Look at those Beautiful Israel “12 Tribes” Sterling Silver 4 Kiddush cups Set, inlaid with Russian “Enamel” paintings.

This magnificent cup set will be perfect for your “Kiddush Shabbat” or for your special holiday evening dinner.

This 4 Kiddush Cup Set – come with exclusive unique wooden box
Every family has a special set for “Friday evening” and now you have the option to buy a unique work of art that was done by a Jewish Russian silver artist from Jerusalem Israel.

You can see the perfect work of the Silver lines, look how beautifully they where done and it’s all made of 925 Sterling silver!!

All 12 figures are inlaid with the highest quality of Russian “Enamel”!! When you buy it you can be sure that this is the best product, made out of the best materials in order for you to enjoy it!!

Each tribe has a very important story for the Jewish people and to the country of Israel.
The Israeli tribes are: Gad, Asher, Zvolon, Naphtali, Levi, Cohen, Binyamin, Josef, Shimon, Rewoven, Yehoda and Issachar.

Measurements: In Inches:
diameter: 3In, Height: 5In

In Centimeters:
diameter: 7.5Cm, Height: 12.5Cm

Kiddush Cup 1

Kiddush Cup 2

Kiddush Cup 3

Kiddush Cup 4

Measurements :
Height: 10.5, Width:7 , Length: 0 Cm