Russian Silver and crystal Kovsh Bowl of Russian Cossack inlayed with six different precious stones on the kovsh handle.
This amazing Silver & Crystal Kovsh bowl is made by Gallery Silversmith Izeq Nodelman. Izeq Nodelman is a master silversmith that born in Russia & learn Art at Saint Petersburg University of Arts – The same institute that Carl Faberge Russian Number 1 Artist – that worked at the late 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.Nodelman was so attracted to Faberge designs that he start to crafts Items from Faberge Collection. He attracted mainly to Faberge combination of Silver & Crystal & less for the Famous Faberge Eggs.

A lot o9f the Pieces that Nodelman Crafting you can find in the Hermitage Museum. Nodelman Making Several Faberege Designs that looks identicak to the Original – Only Few people can know the difference Between Nodelman work & Faberge Work. This is very similar story as Carl Faberge make a replica of a 4th century BC gold bangle from the Scythian Treasure in the Hermitage. The Tsar declared that he could not distinguish the Fabergés’ work from the original and the Czar ordered that objects by the House of Fabergé should be displayed in the Hermitage as examples of superb contemporary Russian craftsmanship.
This is the same with Nodelman Crafting – You can’t distinguish the diffrence from Original To the Replica.

The Amazing Silver & Crystal kovsh Bowl including seven precious stones, Russian Silver 925 sterling & First Lead hand Cut Crystal.
Measurements :
Height: 23, Width:41 , Length: 15 Cm