A unique creation of Russian silver on Crystal! This beautiful genuine crystal Caviar bowl Small has a very delicate patterned silver edge! Perfect to add elegance and keep the crystal from chipping accidentally! See the handcrafted exquisite fishes at the base of the Caviar bowl or the clear cut crystal bowl. Perfect symmetry with fine cuts to highlight the beauty of a pure crystal.Three brown Onyx stones attached to this Caviar Bowl at the base, Another brown Onyx stone Attaced on the top of the cover And three more brown Onyx stones are arround the piece. Enticing, sparkling and elegant, just right to add charm to your table! A rare piece of crystal and silver, especially handcrafted! Get it to enhance your collection today or gift it to someone who adores crystal on any special occasion.
Measurements :
Height: 16, Width:17 , Length: 0 Cm