Extremely exquisite Sterling Russian Silver Art Inlay-ed with more than 34 gram of 24 Karat Red Gold  with Turquoise  crystal.
red Gold is inlayed on the Water snake eyes & his Backbone – more than 34 Gram of red genuine 24 Karat Gold

 Look at the classic curves and designs handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 – The waves & the water snake that hugs the beautiful Crystal bowl, by an expert silversmith Israeli Russian artist.
For this super Prestigious,exclusive & expansive piece the artist added gemstones as well.
Notice the beautiful patterns on the base and the delicate  Turquoise crystal studded design on the sides.

The handle of the cover is designed by the shape of the Shark Tail.
The crystal in this amazing Caviar Bowl is High Quality – hand Cut in Israel.
The artist Inlayed two onyx stones in the Silver frame of the Caviar bowl – Each onyx Stone inlayed in the center of beautifully designed silver frame.

Gold Gilt coated inside to preserve the taste of caviar! No metal taste in your superior food!
Exquisitely handcrafted and set with precious crystals & Onyx stones!

In Centimeters:
Width: 22 Cm, Height: 22 Cm 

Width: 8.6 In, Height: 8.6 In ,