Amazing & unique Sea Shell Carving depicted Jacob’s Ladder on this big sea Shell. As a precious & one of a kind piece the stand of the piece is made out from 925 Silver Sterling. The Piece has a small lamp in order to see the carving better. The artist never uses paints or power tools. All colors or his miniatures are natural. Each miniature is created from a solid piece of sea-shell. His filigree technique of carving together with the ability to foresee the property of the shells multicolor structure and boundless fantasy makes his workmanship particularly striking. The artist subordinates his ideas to the properties of the material and at the same time compels the material to respond to his idea. While working, the artist uses all the shells layers, discovering the beauty or each fragment, bringing out all colors and plastic nuances that become obvious only in the process of work. He manages to incorporate the image in the neutrality flexed and fragile plane of the shell, with the integral inclusions of natural excrescences, notches and peculiarities of the surface. Take a look around the piece at the open side of the shell we can notice at Jacob the shepherd with his sheep, his first meeting with Rachel & in the other side Jacob’s Well known Ladder Dream. The work is absolutely amazing Master Piece & the carving is breathtaking.

Measurements :
Height: 12.5, Width:8.5 , Length: 10.5 IN