High quality Jade stone sculpture showing The Three Star Gods(Fu ,Lu & Shou) or The Three Lucky Men, well known by the name of three gods of fortune .
The symbolic Three Star Gods- Fu Lu Shou signifies the importance of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity in the Taoist aspirations and traditions. With rich cultural roots, Taoist concept goes back to the age of the Ming Dynasty and the deities of Fu Lu and Shou were considered to represent these attributes and are today equally revered. Today Fu Lu Shou is considered as a single term to represent these three attributes to living a good life.
Although Jade is a very tough stone to carve, the expertise of the carver can be seen, though the clear cut and detailed workmanship. Jade as a precious stone, is known for its properties to bring wealth and good fortune. It comes with a valuable customized wooden base, adding magnificence to the carving of the Three Star Gods,

You can read more about the Three Star Gods at our Education
Measurements :
Height: 32, Width:33 , Length: 10 Cm