This pair of King and queen figurine is an exquisite work done on fragile animal bone. Shown standing on carved wooden platforms, the regal look of this pair is amazingly portrayed. You can see the studded scepter in the hands of the Queen, while the King has a carved sword in his hand. Hand painted tiny dragons can be seen on the hats while the traditional royal garments are richly decorated with carvings and painted motifs. Highly intricate painting and carvings can be seen on the capes that the royal couple is wearing. Look at the long plaited, black painted hair of the couple! Floral designs and other traditional motifs are seen on the clothes. Look at the perfect serenity on the face of the King and the peaceful look of the Queen. It is truly an amazing master piece, a real work of art in an eco friendly material. Buy it for decorating your home or gift it to someone who really appreciates a work of art!
Measurements :
Height: 21, Width:6 , Length: 6 INCH