This beautiful Russian silver and enamel inlay charity box has been crafted in 84 Russian silver and gilt 18 karat with a multitude of inlays in varied colours.
Shaped like a house with a handle, this amazing inlay work done on it is breathtakingly beautiful. You can see a delicate floral pattern in pink, green and turquoise blue with a hint of red and white.
Each petal is clearly seen, complete and proportionate. Look at the magnificent inlay work done in blue shades. You can even see the colourful inlay done on the edge of the demarcated opening for putting money. Floral and colourful, with bold designs and complementing color scheme, make this a great art piece. Truly a wonderful piece of useful art objects.
Measurements :
Height: 7, Width:3.5 , Length: 5.1 INCH