These two statues – J APANESE NOBLEMAN I & APANESE NOBLEMAN II are a replica of two antique wooden statues from Japan to be found in the Yomeimon Gate at the Toshogu Shrine (city of Nikko, Japan).They represent two Zuishin, noblemen or traditional “bodyguards” for high rank dignitaries.Zuishin always come in pairs, one standing at each side of the entranceway.They are carrying swords, bows and arrow-holders as their function was to protect their lord, and even his shrine from evil and wrong-doers.These are dressed in old court costume, with their kimono embroidered with the kikyo flower.They are stately seated on a tiger skin.
The two Porcelaine Statues was sculptured by Alfredo Llorens & signe by him at 2008

Lladró has forged a language that goes beyond words, The ongoing evolution of its sculptures has made the Lladró work the finest representation of art porcelain from the mid 20th to our day. The work by Lladró is an expression of universal values, intimately connected with real people and their feelings. It is a celebration of the best moments of life. Inspired by dreams and fantasy, traditions, literature and art, nature or daily life, there is always a story behind each piece.

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LLadro Logo On Sculpture
Signature of the Artist & No. on the Sculpture(107/1500)
Limited Edition Certificate

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Measurements :
Height: 38, Width:34 , Length: 30 0