These immaculate Imari porcelain style vases are truly one of a kind, and adorned to perfection. Here the craftsman chooses to highlight the details of these gorgeous vases by creating a truly unique design.

A Extraordinary Piece of Aquatic Inspired Imari Porcelain Style Vases

Using techniques commonly associated with Imari porcelain style these vases take on a very unique and captivating design. Using gold as an accent color to the natural tone porcelain the craftsman creates the most intricate designs. Because this offsets the simplicity of the porcelain and its stain, and creates something spectacular.

Starting at the bottom of the vase you can see the enormous detail that’s in this vase. Because the base and the stem of the vase are indicative of items you will find at the bottom of the sea. In particular, this detail ties together the entire vase and makes it a cohesive work of art. He creates even more detail that tie this vase to its aquatic inspiration, by creating an aquatic figurehead commonly found on sips. But, what’s most spectacular about this piece is how the mermaids on either side of the vase act as beautiful handles. Because their legs attach to the vase in the most peculiar way. Because instead of making these mermaids have the traditional one tail, in this imari porcelain atyle vase they have two.

But, by giving them two legs this vase becomes far more intriguing and mesmerizing. And will certainly become one of the most desirable pieces in your collection.