Imari porcelain is famous for its precision and attention to detail. However in this piece all of this is amplified by the most exquisite details. Making this Imari style porcelain vase a must buy for avid collectors. Because, just looking at this piece you can see how prestigious and unique it is.

Exquisite Interpretation of Imari Style Porcelain

These Imari style porcelain vases are some of the most exquisite depiction of this Japanese style porcelain. These vases are so intricate that every detail is such an amazing and unique showcase.

There are so many finer details on display in this artfully design of Imari style porcelain. The light blue glazed body of the vases is only enhanced by the bronze details that bring this design to life. Furthermore, because the bronze is separate to the body it gives the vase  great depth. As you can see the vines of the bronze detailing start at the base of the vase and work up to the top of the vase. However, it’s the top of the vase that’s most intriguing. Because at the top of the vase the vines continue. But, here they provide some interesting details as they’re giving the dragons sustenance.

Another, intriguing and thoughtful part of this Imari style porcelain vase is the fact that the dragons act as handles. As the creator of these vases makes the dragons curve their backs to catch the drops provided by the vines above. Making this a truly one-of-a-kind piece. And a piece of Imari style porcelain that will only become more and more valuable in time.