Consider this extremely rare pair of 19th century Meissen porcelain candlestick with masks. Crafted in extremely detailed modeling and hand painted painstakingly in the rare classical design, the through square plinth base is similar to the Lorberkranzes. It has straight shaft with very fine circumferential paintings of 2 Italian lovers before Ruinenlandaschaft (painter number 19280 UNFD Gold painter’s number 16).

Notice the glaze and the luster of genuine Meissen porcelain. See the delicate and intricately hand painted pairs that are different on both the candlesticks.  Though the Watteauszenenbemalung Model Q87 scratched, but it is still in very good condition. Dated around 1814 to 1855 of the Meissen porcelain factory production, an expert modeler has crafted it. The quality, symmetry and precision of the tiniest details are clearly seen. Crowned with Ionic capitals surrounded by four women’s faces, this is a rare piece of workmanship of this period.

See the pair on the candle stick on the left. The period clothing, gown of the lady and the cape and hat of the man is reminiscent of the early 19th century. Hand painted with clarity and detail, the pleats and fall of the apron, gown and bodice is clearly visible. See the glitter of the golden colored gown, the springs of flowers, beautiful trees and other background, painstakingly hand painted on glazed porcelain. Notice the pair on the right. The man is dressed in purple riding suit and the woman has a golden sheen gown with a blue frilled hat. The pale green leaves of the trees and the cornflower blue sky gives an old world charm to the candlesticks.

Don’t miss the wreath like bases in frosty pale green with pink crossed ribbons, lending the candlesticks an elegant look and sturdy base. On the base is the Meissen trademark of crossed swords in under-glaze blue. This authenticates it as genuine antique.


AGE 19TH CENTURY – MEISSEN – 1814-1855


HEIGHT – APPROX 23cm / 9″

Crossed swords in under-glaze blue.

Model Number: Q87
Circa: 1814-1855