Look at this pair of 19th century Meissen porcelain centerpieces. Exquisitely handcrafted by one of the best modeler, E.A. Leuteritz, check the scored blue crossed mark, incised 2772 Painter Number: 2, as it is a sign of authenticity. The beautiful pair of pierced boat shaped baskets has osier bands and sprays of spring flowers. Around the pedestals, the lovers are serenading each other by playing hide and seek.

A genuine antique, the Meissen porcelain centerpiece pair is in excellent condition and is hand painted in pastel shades that have withstood the time and yet looks as good as new. This talks about the quality and workmanship of the Meissen modelers. See the delicate facial expressions of the woman, the curve of the hands, the frills of the bodice, and gathers of the skirt. Look at the man’s figurine. The long coat and waistcoat, with loose skirt and pleated at the side of the hips, long hair locks tied up neatly with a black ribbon and the gold hand-painted trimmings. Notice the extremely delicate patterns on the woman’s skirt. Don’t miss her bright yellow shoes or the man’s pale pink pants. The base is an amalgamation of blue and white colors of frothy waves as they hit the shores.

See the large tree and the more hues of green on the trunk while the leaves support the boat shaped baskets that work as a centerpiece. Looking into it, the floral sprays and hand painted spring flowers are glorious and have retained the colors well. Notice the gilded metal knob that adds élan to the springtime flowers. Each leaf and petal of the flower has been painstakingly hand painted using organic colors that have retained the colors and hues without fading for years. The golden scalloped edges and the osier borders add charm to the large centerpieces that adorned tables.


excellent; no chips; cracks

19th Ce.

Modeled by E.A. LEUTERITZ

Measurements :
Height: 47, Width:33 , Length: 30 Cm