Look at this amazingly detailed and intricately sculpted Meissen porcelain sculpture of cupid knocking on a heart. See the perfectly innocent look on the cupid’s face as he bends down to knock on the heart with a chubby finger.

Considered to be harbinger of love and good tidings, the Cupid has two little wings with tips that are colored purple and light shades of brown. Look at the beautiful and big red heart that has been hand crafted with extreme finesse and style. Notice there are no blemishes or uneven surface on it.

Meissen porcelain sculpture of cupid knocking on a heart.

Similarly, the cherub’s body has been immaculately sculpted. Check the tiny bulging muscles and chubbiness that has been shown with such lovable charm. Look at the way Meissen cupid knocking on a heart, turns his head as if waiting to hear something after the knock. The apt attention and extremely life-like expressions on his face are a step above the rest. See the blond with brown shaded hair, delicate curls and the rosebud mouth.

Notice the tree trunk that holds the red hand painted heart. See how the artist has hand painted each of the shaded areas with considerable skill, giving the hard porcelain a natural look. Look at the gilded strap and quiver full of love arrows on the cupid knocking on a heart. The flow of the limbs, bend of the back and turn of the head along with the delicate facial features is amazingly done.

Don’t miss the tiny red flower blooming on top of the heart and the leaves around it. See the precisely crafted gilded edges. Even though the golden lines on the pedestal are hand painted, look at the symmetry and precision of the circle. Not a smudge or tremble of the hand.

The pedestal has been painted such that it resembles marble even though it is porcelain. The skill and precision of the skilled Meissen Master Modeler is awe-inspiring.


Beautiful 19th Ce. Meissen  porcelain figure by Heinrich Schwabe ca. 1878

Measures Height: 16 Cm/ 6.3 In
Signed on the underside with the Meissen crossed swords mark in underglaze blue, impressed model number L121.
CONDITION: No adverse condition issues and no repairs.
Crossed swords in under-glaze blue. Incised model number L121, Painter number 42, Impress nu:6.