WONDERFUL ANGEL Porecelaine Sculpture – Brand new genuine Lladro figurine. Handmade by the masters at Lladró in the leading of Ernest Massuet into a authentic Lladró art work of this Porcelain Statue named SCIENTIA
Condition: New in original box with all paperwork, first quality, handmade and stamped item.

Technical Data
Issue Year: 2006
Sculptor: Ernest Massuet

The mind and reason guide man in his search for knowledge. The mind and reason, man’s allies throughout history, help him achieve wisdom. The base of Scientia is engraved on all four sides with essential formulas of physics and mathematics. Einstein’s theory of relativity, Newton’s law of gravity, Heisenberg’s principle of indeterminancy and other concepts remind us of humanity’s efforts to uncover the secrets of science.

All our marvellous Lladro pieces are in perfect condition (guarantee no chips,cracks,defects) and have their Lladro original boxes.

They all have the Lladro certificate which is the full Lladro logo ( tulip symbol)For shipping, we take post air mail in priority with insurance


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Measurements :
Height: 16, Width:17 , Length: 0 0