Handmade by the master sculpture Francisco Polope at Lladr? into a authentic Lladro art work.
Lladro artists represent a curled up dragon, whose fierce stare conveys all the power and strength of the mythological being.
Technically speaking, the manufacturing of this sculpture is highly complex with all its whiskers, claws, crests, scales and other fragments, painted one by one with enamels and with metallic lusters in every nook.

This edition in red colour is the most oriental and traditional vision of the dragon. A new mix of very bright enamels has been created to produce the red tone used in oriental art.

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It is one of the largest pieces in the current assortment.
Size: 16 x 29 inches or 420 x 740 mm.
Base included.
Limited Edition: 150 pieces.
Collection: High Porcelain.
Sculptor: Francisco Polope.
Condition: New in original box with all certificates, paperwork, first quality, handmade and stamped item.

High Porcelain is the concept that sums up the maximum expression of Lladro work. A category consisting exclusively of pieces exemplifying, with the maximum level of excellence, the values of expressiveness, beauty and technical perfection the Lladro family has always instilled into its creations. Masterpieces by an exceptional team of artists that have been revolutionizing the world of porcelain for over half o century.

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Measurements :
Height: 42, Width:74 , Length: 0 0