ANCIENT DYNASTY WARRIOR – Guan Yu – Brand new genuine Lladro figurine. Handmade by the masters at Lladró in the leading of Juan Carlos Ferri Herrero into a authentic Lladró art work of this Oriental Warrior
Condition: New in original box with all paperwork, first quality, handmade and stamped item.

This is a portrait of a historical Chinese warrior called Guan Yu, living from 220 to 280 Ac and who is called in history and literature “General of the Three Kingdoms.
He is always portrayed with a bright red face, long black beard and a guan dao (pole sword) in his hand. Take a good look on the Golden dragon that inlayed on his traditional custom
Guan Yu is as famous and powerful today as he was in the past; therefore it is fitting that practitioners of traditional Chinese martial arts extend their respect to this acknowledged protector of righteousness. , of the training hall, of the theater, the home and small family business.

Lladró has forged a language that goes beyond words, The ongoing evolution of its sculptures has made the Lladró work the finest representation of art porcelain from the mid 20th to our day. The work by Lladró is an expression of universal values, intimately connected with real people and their feelings. It is a celebration of the best moments of life. Inspired by dreams and fantasy, traditions, literature and art, nature or daily life, there is always a story behind each piece.

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Measurements :
Height: 48, Width:23 , Length: 0 0