This is  painting is a member of The FASTLANE series painted by the Israeli artist Irit Epstein in 2007 – Painting Oil on Canvas.


This series of paintings presents an artistic exploration of the hectic and pressured lifestyle often characterized by the loss of time and space.

The running figures suggest that women in modern urban life are powerful, active and fully engaged, yet lack the ability to pause.

The works ask how women can interact with their inner life while being in constant movement.


Who is Irit Epstein?

Irit Epstein was born and raised in Israel.

She attended the Academy of Art (HDK) in Berlin from 1980-1985, receiving a Master of Fine Arts.

After relocating to New York City she completed studies at New York University in 1990 as a Master in Art Therapy.

Since 1996, Irit’s work has appeared in solo exhibitions in Israel at the Tiroche Gallery in Jaffa, the Sara Erman Gallery in Tel-Aviv, Lesley College in Netanya, the Tel-Aviv Performing Arts Centre, Givatayim Theatre and the Ramat-Aviv Commercial Centre.

Since 1995, her work appeared in group exhibitions in Israel at the Association of Painters and Sculptors in Tel-Aviv, The Winery at Rishon Lezion, Hanita Museum, The Bible Museum in Tel-Aviv, The Art Studio in Hadera, the Gallery of T’nuat Hamoshavin in Tel-Aviv and the South Sharon District Council.

Irit has also exhibited her work abroad at the Academy of Art (HDK) and Kunstquartier Ackerstrasse in Berlin, Germany, at the Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy and in a traveling exhibition throughout Mexico.

Irit presently lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel.



Academy of Art (HDK), Berlin, Germany – Master of Fine Arts

New York University, New York, NY, USA – M.A. in Art Therapy

Workshops in the Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Group Exhibitions

Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Abstract”

Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Color”

Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Workshops”

Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Group”

The Winery, Rishon LeZion, Israel

Contemporary Art Museum, Hanita, Israel – “Liberty”

Bible House Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Multinational Biblical Creators”

Artist Studio, Hadera, Israel – “Genesis”

Artists Association of the Moshavim Movement, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Abstract”

Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

Traveling exhibition, South Sharon District Council – “Disengagement”

Traveling exhibition “Contenedores De Espiritu”:

    Galeria Emilia Cohen, Mexico City, Mexico

    Museo de la Cultura Maya Chetumal, Quintanarro, Mexico

    Museo de la Isla de Cozumel, Quintanarro, Mexico

    Plaza Coculcan Center, Cancun, Quintanarro, Mexico

Solo Exhibitions

Tiroche Gallery, Jaffa, Israel – “The Short Century”

Sara Erman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Adaptation”

Lesley College, Netanya, Israel

Tel-Aviv Performing Arts Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Givatayim Theater, Givatayim, Israel – “Rising Beyond the Body”

The “Museal Windows” Gallery, Ramat-Aviv Commercial Centre, Israel

Academy of Art (HDK), Berlin, Germany

Kunstquartier Ackerstrasse, Berlin, Germany – “Die, die Heute von

   Heute sind, sind Morgen von Gestern”

Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel – “Gallery Painting”






Measurements :
Height: 120, Width:80 , Length: 0 Cm