Amazing Imari Style Black Bowl with Golden Brass attach to it.
Golden Brass flowers coating the porcelain & at each Handle the are angel face in touch to it.

What is Imari Porcelain?

The very first mention of Imari porcelain was in the 16th century by Korean potters but the art was quickly brought to Japan. These early Imari porcelain pieces were in white with hues of celadon and decorated with the traditional cobalt patterns. The porcelain was manufactured in Arita, on the island of Kyushu and porcelain items were shipped from Imari, a Japanese port town by the Dutch and thus the porcelain came to be popularly known as Imari.

Some of the finest Imari porcelain was made by the Kakiemon potters at Nangawa kiln close to Arita. The basic colors that were used by the artists as a base for the porcelain was white ranging from slightly translucent to taking a bluish tinge. With innovation and experimentation, new styles evolved and the use of enameling came into the picture. Over the cobalt blue which was the basic traditional color, different colored enamels were used or a variety of pigments would be painted over the fired delicate porcelain giving it a rich look. In the early days, a special kiln in Iwayakawa was used to fire Imari porcelain and a separate class of porcelain was created that was used by the royalty and elite class while the daily ware dishes were also created.

In Centimeters:
Width: 40.0 Cm, Height: 33.0 Cm , Length: 34.0 Cm
In Inches:
Width: 16 In, Height: 13 In , Length: 13 In


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