Mammoth Ivory Netsuke of Six Children in a row –The imagination of the master carver is unbelievable!!!
He actually succeeds to bring his imagination to our mind as well as his. Look how the children hold each other & t he different clothes, different faces & different positions.
You will never find how to carve on Mammoth ivory tusk in the university – this unique profession that passing from father to son in Japan & in China, therefore all the master carvers are carved to perfection & with a lot of passion.

This remarkable piece hand carved by Master Carver you can see his signature at the bottom of the Netsuke- Look at the video on this page in order to see this awe-inspiring Netsuke all around. Next to the master Carver signature, you will find the two holes.

The mammoth ivory that this outstanding Netsuke made of is 100% genuine & made out from the best grade of mammoth ivory.
Mammoth ivory is absolutely legal worldwide.

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