Mammoth Ivory hand carved Netsuke – Heritage musicians. Grandfather & his Grandson Playing on different musical instruments. The Grandfather playing on the traditional Japanese lute the BIWA(The biwa is a Japanese short-necked fretted lute and a close variant of the Chinese pipa. The biwa is the chosen instrument of Benzaiten, goddess of music, eloquence, poetry, and education in Japanese Shinto.) while his Grandson standing on a stool & playing on a trumpet.

This Netsuke is Hand carved by Master Carver to perfection.

This Netsuke is made of 100% genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk. The extinct woolly Mammoth roamed the earth before 10,000-40,000 years ago. Today we can found Mammoth Ivory tusk in the arctic regions like Siberia in Russia.

Mammoth Ivory netsukes are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Measurements :
Height: 4.8, Width:3 , Length: 2.7 Cm