Mammoth Ivory Netsuke of Seven Lucky Gods

You can buy this splendid and graceful Carving of Seven Lucky Gods on a wooden plank by authentic Mammoth Ivory.

Look at this graceful and exquisite like work done by this master carver, even tiniest of the detail done on this statue is incredible.

This statue will add religiousness and zen to your home and office. Just look at the gleam on this statue it will give you an elegant feel.


Seven Lucky Gods are also known as Shichi Fukujin. It’s been said that they are the symbol of Good fortune. Each of these Gods epitomizes integrity, luck, pride, kindness, endurance, enjoyment and knowledge.

These Seven Gods are Hotei, Bishamonten, Daikokuten, Ebisu, Jurojin, Fukurokuju, Benzaiten. It has been said that they use the ship for their Voyage and this ship is filled with wealth, pride and fortune that they bring from Sea. And the ship is known as Takarabune.

Here are some facts about these Seven Gods.

  • Ebisu is known as the Fishing God.
  • Daikokuten is God of Fortune and is said to be a Hindu protector paladin.
  • Bishamonten is primarily a Buddhist from India and in Japan Known as The Warrior God.
  • Benzaiten is a Hindu Water Goddess but in Japanese tradition, she is known as Goddess of intelligence and art
  • Fukurokuju is originally from China and is known as God of Wealth.
  • Hotei is a Buddhist monk from China and is said to be the God of Joy and copiousness.
  • Jurojin is God of Wisdom.

These Gods are very popular in Japan. You will find many Temples of these Gods in Japan. In these temples, you will see traditional Japanese Architecture.

These Gods are also favorite among painters, sculpturer and carvers. You can find their representation in Paintings, Statues, Carvings etc. And these art for are a very famous souvenir from Japan.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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