Museum quality Mammoth ivory Netsuke of Musician Playing To Samurai. Japanese Woman Musician is playing in front of the Samurai – Is she playing for him in order to relax him before or after the battle or maybe they are in a coffee house.
That amazing Netsuke is A proud member of our MSTER Pieces Netsukes collection. As well he was been chosen by our stuff to one of their favorites Netsukes.

This remarkable Netsuke was hand carved by Top skilled Master Carver, you can see his signature on the bottom of the netsuke next to the two holes drilled on the Samurai’s legs- Look at the video on this page in order to see this inspiring Netsuke all around.

This outstanding Netsuke made out from 100% genuine, best grade raw mammoth ivory tusk.
Mammoth ivory Netsukes are absolutely legal worldwide.

Read all about Netsuke in our education Center.

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