Magnificent! This is the only way to describe this delightfully exquisite mammoth ivory netsuke of children carrying fruit. Not only is this netsuke an envied piece because of it’s intricate carvings but also because the scene is quite conceptual and distinctive.

A Peculiar Contrast Captured In A Breathtaking Mammoth Ivory Netsuke

When examining this perfect piece of art the first thing to catch your eye will be the master carvers use of color. The children appear happy and full of wonder, even though they’re doing hard labor. However, because of the use of vibrant and bright colors you focus more on the joy than on the job. Which is why the carver captures this scene so perfectly. He uses bright colors when detailing the fruit. But, the master carver takes it one step further by detailing delight and wonder on the children’s faces.

This is what makes this a stand out mammoth ivory netsuke. Because the artist deviates from the ‘normal’ colors this mammoth ivory netsuke comes alive.

Add This Exquisite Mammoth Ivory Netsuke To Your Collection

Not only is it a worthwhile purchase because of the scene and use of color, but, it’s representative of innocence. Because when you analyze the carving you’ll see that the children are wonder-filled even though they’re doing labor-intensive work. This can only be justified because of their age. At that age children are full of innocence and view the world in a way that’s pure. Although it takes five of them to carry the basket of fruit (which reveals they’re young children) they are only happy to do it because of any number of reasons which you can interpret yourself.

If you want to add that essence of innocence and wonder to your mammoth ivory netsuke collection this would be the piece to do that with.

It’s a rare take on a timeless classic – childhood innocence.


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