This high quality hand carved netsuke, crafted out of genuine Mammoth ivory and wood, shows a man smoking a pipe. The figurine is in a seated posture. Handcrafted, by setting ivory in wood, which is a delicate process. The man is holding the pipe in his right hand. The lower portion of the pipe is resting on his left palm. The master carver has shown the expression of contentment very beautifully, on the face of the man. The vibrant expression captured by the maestro is magnificent. He is sitting on the floor with his bag kept by his side. The carving on wood is simply marvelous, reflecting the mastery of the carver. The patterns in red, shown on the kimono add to the stunning beauty of the masterpiece. The sculpture comes with the signature of the master carver.
Measurements :
Height: 1.6, Width:1 , Length: 0 INCH