. This exquisite handcrafted Netsuke masterpiece shows the Japanese God of Fishermen, created out of Mammoth Ivory and high quality genuine wood. The God sits, riding on a big fish. The quality of wooden carving on the sides of the fish is simply marvelous. The setting of ivory in wood requires great amount of skill and precision. The God is bearded and has the ethereal look. The look on the face of the fish is also very natural. The God wears the traditional Japanese attire, bearing simple ethnic patterns. It enhances the total beauty of the masterpiece. The God carries a branch, with a fruit attached at its end. The God has the reins of the fish he rides, in his right hand. You can see that this, out of the world piece of art comes with the signature of the master carver.
Measurements :
Height: 2, Width:1.5 , Length: 0 INCH