Look at this beautiful cat netsuke crafted in mammoth ivory. See how the Master Carver has managed to sculpt this cat netsuke with such care. The cat seems to be at ease and is scratching its ear or neck with one of the back paws, with both eyes closed. This makes it look sleepy and comfortable. The Master Carver seems to have paid a lot of attention to the behavior of cats before the netsuke of the cat was carved. Notice the hand painted head and legs with patches of yellow and black.

Intricately Carved Cat Netsuke

The tiny netsuke are one of the most preferred collectibles by mammoth ivory and art collectors. Though in the past, the netsuke had a practical value as they were used as toggles in the obi of the kimono, today they are treasured for the high-quality sculpture.

Notice the whiskers on the cat’s face. The master carver has etched the fur on the cat’s body.  The twisted tail on the cat has been carved delicately. See how the sleepy cat has a smile on the face which has been hand painted pink. The eye slits have been painted black, giving the effect of eye lashes. Perfectly sculpted with all details in place, don’t miss the little paws especially the one that has been lifted to scratch its ear. Even the nails on the paws have been hand crafted in detail.

On turning the netsuke upside down, notice how creatively the small piece of mammoth ivory tusk has been hand carved. Not only is the fur etched perfectly but even the bottom of the netsuke is carved with the same skill and finish. See how well the two holes are carved and finished. These are the trademarks of a netsuke as the cord was passed through the holes and the tiny sculpture acted like a toggle.


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