Hand Carved Mammoth Ivory Netsuke of two Seniors Japanese laughing. But are they friends? From the first sight they looks two good friends , but when we look at their backs – we look that one Senior is holding a knife!!!
Imagine how much skills are invested in this tiny netsuke that only used to be a simple button – in Japan of the 17th century.
This amazing netsuke is made out of the best quality that can been found of Mammoth Ivory tusk – From the extinct woolly mammoth that roamed the earth before 10,000 – 40,000 years ago.
Mammoth Ivory netsukes are absolutely legal Worldwide.

Learn More about Mammoth Ivory & Netsuke at our Education Center.

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Measurements :
Height: 1.5, Width:1.5 , Length: 0.7 INCH