A beautifully fun, vibrant yet intriguing mammoth ivory master netsuke which is an ideal addition to any netsuke collection. This piece has been intricately carved and crafted by a master mammoth ivory carver, and now should belong to you.

Looking closely at these fairy kittens you begin to notice the details and subtleties the artist perfects, showcasing the kittens playful, inquisitive and loving  nature. Consequently, the artist has developed a netsuke that’s both engaging and visually appealing. And is great for novice and seasoned collectors alike. As every netsuke collection should include a kitten, or pair of kittens, this is a must for your collection.

The specific significance behind this mammoth ivory master netsuke is one that will resonate with many buyers. Because these kittens represent innocence and can be very quick-witted, intelligent and curious. Therefore, these characteristics can be an indication of your own characteristics and personality or those of the person you choose to gift it to. However, these fairy kittens can also symbolize love, companionship or friendship.
In fact, these pair of fairy kitties will be both a fantastic ornament and also the perfect charm – adding both beauty and decoration to their surroundings.

The Story of Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Unlike other ivory mammoth ivory, you can legally sell and distribute mammoth ivory worldwide. Although this ivory is rare, it isn’t caught from endangered species. Instead, this particular mammoth ivory master netsuke of two fairy kittens is acquired from extinct mammoths, found in Alaska and Siberia. And in their own right are collectibles in themselves. Therefore, purchasing this netsuke will be an excellent investment as the rarity of the mammoth, the handcrafted design and the fact that it is netsuke make this item very valuable.

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