This is one of the most detailed mammoth ivory Netsuke of two children reading  poem. See the tiny sculpture with such intricate details. Look at the amused yet interested expressions, as they look over the scroll on which the poem is written. Notice the traditional Oriental robes and classic hairstyles of the two children reading a poem. The fine details on the dresses have been hand painted painstakingly. The boy with hair on the middle of his head holds the scroll in both his hands.

Fine etching and carving on children reading poem

Notice how delicately the scroll has been delineated by the Master Carver, the delicate curve on the edges and the slight curve as if it is paper itself. The wafer thin mammoth ivory is difficult to carve with such perfection but the artist has managed to uniformly carve it with panache. Did you notice the gap in the front two teeth of the boy standing at the back? The artist has managed to carve to perfection, painstakingly ensuring that no details are missed. See the crisscross pattern on the edge of the robe while the dotted pants are rustic and traditional. Notice the boy holding the scroll has a geometric pattern edged robe with tiny patterns on the pants. Even their shoes are clearly sculpted and polished.

Signed by Master Carver

On the back are traditional symbols and the sign of the artist in red. Don’t miss the specific tow holes on the hip of the boy, giving the netsuke its significant value. The boy on the back has his hand on the back of the boy with the scroll. Each finger can be seen with ease. Look at the designs on the robe that have been hand-painted properly.  Carved and etched in detail, the netsuke maybe a collectible but this one is functional.

This outstanding Netsuke is made from 100% high grade and genuine mammoth ivory tusk. Mammoth ivory Netsukes is absolutely legal worldwide.

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