If you are a fan of classic netsukes you will adore this mammoth ivory master netsuke of a cat. It’s a symbolic piece, yet it’s timeless enough so that you can interpret it in a number of ways. Therefore it is perfect for art lovers.

The Meaning of The Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke Known As “The Cat”

By examining this gorgeous, yet simplistic piece of art you will begin to realize its symbolic and slightly esoteric meaning. Making the observer look and desire to inquire about the piece. It’s an excellent conversation starter, but it’s also a valuable piece to own.

Because of the position of the cat we can deduct that this mammoth ivory master netsuke, and the artist who created it wanted to portray a particular story.  This is a story of a deeply thoughtful, meditative cat, that is observing the world around it. Also, this cat can be thought to be resting, which means it’s in a place of peace. Essentially the mammoth ivory master netsuke of a cat represents a cat that is “at home”. The design is also very interesting. While the artist chose to keep it very simple you will notice that there are subtle nuances which you’ll notice in the cat’s eyes, posture and the position of it’s head. The cat isn’t focused on anything, but something “beneath it”. What that could be is up to you to decide.

Purchasing “The Cat” Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

If you want to own a piece of netsuke history, in the form of this masterfully crafted cat you need to purchase this design. Because this design is elegant, classy and made using only the best and rarest mammoth ivory. Also, when you purchase this design – in fact any design on in our very large store – you will receive free shipping. As we ship free worldwide.

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