The netsuke carved from pure mammoth tusk ivory has been intricately carved and displays a Oriental warrior with his young son, perched on his leg. The warrior is sitting in the traditional style wearing an embroidered robe with fine details etched into it in symmetry. The luster of milky ivory is highlighted with dull brown, bringing out the carvings with ease.

See the tiny details exemplified so creatively by the artist. Notice the miniscule details on the warrior’s robe. The patterns differ on the border and the one on the lower garment. While the child’s robe has completely different patterns and motifs, it talks about the sculpting skill and accuracy of the master artist. Hand crafted and sculpted with painstaking details, the mammoth ivory netsuke retains the traditional touch of the bead. Notice the serious facial expressions of the warrior with slanting eyes, downturned lips and the slight dimpled cheek while the young boy seems happy and smiling. The edge of the sword is sharp and the fingers that grip it are tiny yet visible clearly. Expert workmanship, creatively carved and traditional scene with a modern twist, the beautiful netsuke is equally beautiful at the back, as in the front.

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