Tiny yet beautiful mammoth ivory netsuke, showcasing three children in traditional dresses in a boat sailing over small waves. Notice the small curvy waves at the bottom of the boat which are so skillfully carved in miniature proportions. Look at the small details on the faces, dresses and even the patterns and motifs on their dresses. See the etchings on the boat, hand painted lines that make it resemble wood and timber. The woven canopy has the miniscule details clearly visible while the wooden boat parts at the back have been crafted with equal details. See the ribbed connection from the boat to the stacked wooden planks at the back.

The natural brown color is due to the discoloration of mammoth ivory as it absorbed the minerals from the permafrost, giving it a distinct brown pigmentation which the artist has used effectively for highlighting the different aspects of the netsuke. The child at the far end has an oar in his hand while all of them are looking far into the sea. Expertly crafted netsuke in pure and genuine mammoth ivory, which is legal for purchase.

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Measurements :
Height: 4.2, Width:3.5 , Length: 2 Cm