Look at this interesting portray of an old Oriental man, sitting with a monkey-lion by his side. The old man has a tobacco pouch on the floor and seems to be filling his pipe for a smoke. Notice the details of the posture with one leg folded completely under him and that can be seen in equal detail when the netsuke is lifted.

Look at the knowledgeable expression on the face of the man, as he looks half-smiling and surprised, holding his pipe in his left hand. The frisky facial expressions of the small monkey-lion are amazingly captured by the artist. See the hand-sculpted carvings on the tiny but detailed robe. Look at the twisted and interconnected patterns, the etched border which is finished with brown lines. The play of brown, green and pink motifs takes away the monotones of milky white ivory.

Look at the ivory block that has been hand-painted as a wooden block over which the small monkey-lion is sitting. The details on the monkey-lion are awe-inspiring, look at the hand painted black mane, the beady eyes and the sitting posture of monkey. Artistically depicted, the quaint traditional netsuke is a collector’s item.

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Measurements :
Height: 4, Width:3.2 , Length: 2.2 Cm