This elegant Oriental lady wearing a kimono seems to be getting dressed. She has a mirror in her right hand while her left hand is holding on to the robe. Look at the beautiful etchings and hand painted floral patterns, intrinsic motifs on the kimono. See her kimono folds as she is kneeling down and sitting. Notice her hair, which has been etched and then hand painted. The process of setting her hair is still on and though the hair is tied up at the top. The delicate band around her forehead holds the style together.

Her back is covered by the robe in a beautiful pattern. It is completely hand painted over pure mammoth tusk ivory which is a difficult material to paint over. Yet the tiny etchings and different hues have made a perfect pattern. The intermingling of the geometric patterns with floral motifs has made it seem life-like.

Look at the little boy, with one hand over her breast, trying to climb into her lap. His upturned face with innocent expressions and is wearing an equally beautiful robe. The fan motifs on his kimono have been done in pink and green colors. The two holes are at the back of the lady while the artist has signed the netsuke at the bottom.

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Measurements :
Height: 3, Width:4 , Length: 2.2 Cm