Look at the miniscule mammoth ivory netsuke carved in detail by the master artist. Notice the tiny details on the netsuke especially the robes, facial expressions and the action caught in ivory. See the small boy and the man looking upwards while the man holds a fan in his left hand. Even when looking at the netsuke from the back, the details are amazing. See the hand-painted hair over the etched hairstyle. Each hair is clearly visible while the two holes, prominently displayed are set precisely. Look at the finely carved and etched patterns on the robe are elegant, yet done with precision.

Notice the elaborate hairstyle of the man, the half-sitting position and the small boy holding a hand mirror, which is at the back of the man’s head. See the table, carved in ivory but painted and etched to look like wood. The upturned faces of the man and the boy, the wrinkles on his forehead and the intrinsically sculpted fist, foot within the slippers are clearly visible. The curves in the hand held fan, the tiny details of the man’s other hand that is under the fan, and the boy’s posture have been sculpted considering real postures. Only a master carver can achieve the level of intricate sculpture as depicted on the netsuke.

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Measurements :
Height: 3.5, Width:4.2 , Length: 3 Cm