Hand crafted mammoth ivory netsuke of a monster or Yaoguai is one of the important characters of the Oriental folklore. Look at the bulging eyes, the large mouth and big teeth. The Master Carver has construed the mythological roots and amalgamated with the rustic appeal of raw mammoth ivory, creating a beautiful sculpture. Notice the animal like ears on the head, giving an anamorphic look to the figurine, with a ferocious and evil grin to the face. The shaggy eyebrows make it even more devilish.

Intricately sculpted netsuke

Holding an item in each hand, the strong grip is unmistakably well-crafted. Notice the fine details on the border of the robe that the Yaoguai is wearing. See how his eyes pop out, the deep indented cheek and the fearsome look on his face. Look at the middle-parted hair that flows back from his head over the shoulders.  The Master Carver has carved multi-levels of the robe and that can be seen with ease. Notice the large sleeves that touch the ground, while the flow and fall of the draping robe is exquisitely done in solid mammoth ivory netsuke.

Giving it a regal look, the robe has hand painted motifs done with a very thin brush, which lends it a unique flow and color. Notice the evil look which is accentuated by popping out eyeballs. The two ears or horns have been left blank, giving it a natural look while the flowing hair is shoulder length. Exquisitely carved, this netsuke has the prominently displayed two holes at the back within the hair. The holes have been given a beautiful outline/border which in turn gives this tiny sculpture a purpose.  Originally, netsuke were used as a toggle in a kimono to hold up the pouch but with changing dress trends, they are one of the finest collectibles in the Orient.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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