A true netsuke if you have ever seen one. This particular piece comes with the hole necessary to attach this netsuke to a Yakimono worn by Japanese men in the 20th century. And, therefore it’s a piece you can’t afford to lose out on. In fact, this mammoth ivory master netsuke is so unique it’ll become a valuable piece in a number of years.

Besides the hole that gives this piece character, the carving in itself is full of character, life and meaning. Cat and mouse is a common phrase, but in this artistic piece that phrase is turned upside down.

Now this netsuke has an entirely new meaning. One of love and unity, even among the most fervent enemies – in this case the cat and the mouse.
What’s particularly unusual about this carving, and therefore what makes it a great purchase is the traditional way in which this netsuke was designed. In fact, many artists take a modern approach to designing and carving a netsuke. However, this artist made a very traditional exquisite piece that will soon be a very desired piece to own.

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