As you can see, this mammoth ivory master netsuke of a monkey with glasses has been masterfully crafted. And it depicts an artist’s interpretation of life in the wild, yet still has modern and intriguing features in the glasses . This is what makes this piece both traditional, yet fantastically modern – perfect for avid collectors.


Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke With A Profound Meaning

Most noteworthy though, this wonderfully carved piece has a deeper meaning if you examine it closely. It’s a traditional Asian symbol representing the wisdom of animals.

As is depicted in the carving, the glasses worn by this monkey and the posture that he currently holds is telling. It shows that the monkey while thought to be a barbaric animal is deep in thought pondering on something more profound, looking intently at the objects he possesses.

Hence, this beautiful crafted and carved mammoth ivory master netsuke will become a symbol of your own wisdom and deep thought.

Master Mammoth Ivory – Sourced Legally

In addition to the meaning of our pieces, the ivory used to make our bespoke mammoth ivory netsukes  doesn’t endanger or harm any animal. Therefore, you can start trading this exquisite piece freely. Also, because our master artists carve them using legal mammoth tusks they are permissible at auctions.

Because, of the nature of the tusks, that are over 10,000 years old and are very rare; this mammoth ivory master netsuke is very valuable. As our artists source the ivory from extinct mammoths found in Siberia and Alaska this particular mammoth ivory netsuke is more precious than others.

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