Museum quality Mammoth ivory Netsuke of – Japanese Woman Saving Old Beggar .
Amazing art creation on the tiny Mammoth Ivory Tusk scrap. Wow… look on that Netsuke at the first sight it’s look like the Master Carver perversion – But it’s actually a novel thing that this woman suckling a child & her breath is full of milk suggesting to this old beggar to eat from the only thing she have to offer. Maybe today it’s looks odd, but at Japan’s 17th centaury it was common .

Just imagine that this scene is carved on piece that smaller than a lighter.
Perfect carving on Top Grade Mammoth Ivory Tusk. The Master Carver really excels himself while carving this amazing Netsuke. When we observing this High quality Netsuke – we can notice – that every detail was carved with a lot of attention
This Netsuke is a proud member in our MASTER Pieces Netsukes collection.
This remarkable Netsuke was hand carved by Top Skilled Master Carver, you can see his signature on the mother back, while the two holes are drilled on the bottom of the netsuke. Look at the video on this page in order to see this inspiring Netsuke all around.

This outstanding Netsuke made of 100% genuine Mammoth ivory Tusk & made out from the best grade of mammoth ivory tusk.
Mammoth ivory Netsukes is absolutely legal worldwide.

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