This is about to become a precious piece in your netsuke collection. Why? Because of the intricate details fully displayed in this carving. The carver has taken their time to create a perfect mammoth ivory master netsuke that is meaningful, valuable and accurate.

An Absolutely Perfect Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

This piece in particular showcases the carvers skill in great detail. Just look at the carving of the Japanese lady. Look at how her garments are perfect. Every ornate detail perfected, every pattern perfectly illustrated. Also, her hair and face are satisfyingly lifelike. Which makes this netsuke a masterpiece and a truly traditional piece.

You can see the carver spending time studying Japanese females both past and present to create something so realistic. Even going as far as carving on the soles of her feet. That feature alone will make this piece very valuable for your collection.

Why You Should Purchase This Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke?

As the rise of netsuke collectors increase you should always be adding unique, realistic and meaningful pieces to your collection. This mammoth ivory master netsuke is no different. It’s a traditional, striking piece that has been masterfully carved to bring the viewer into the scene and make this carving exceptionally realistic.

Not only that, but this carving is highly valuable because of the mammoth ivory carvers use to create it. With a limited amount of mammoth ivory still available you should be collecting as much of this precious and valuable ivory. Because it’s legal ivory you won’t have a problem profiting from your collection in the long run.

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