This is a unique designed netsuke showcasing half-human with a long tongue and a Cyclops eye in the middle of the forehead. However, it is extremely pleasant for the little boy as the long tongue is tickling his chin and he seems to love it. The child has long hair which the half-human is holding in his hand from the back. Notice the etched designs and patterns on dress of the figures. Even though it is such a small sculpture, the details are clear and completely defined. Well-delianted, the half-human figure is holding a dagger over his hand and there are two holes at the back, as apparent in netsuke.

The larger figure is sitting in a box-like chair which a wooden frame and woven sides. The artist has managed to capture the details perfectly and the wood look in ivory is amazing. Another unique aspect is the neck of the half-human entity. Look at his neck and it has curves similar to a caterpillar. Look at the facial features, the details on the eyes, ears and tongue, which is flaked thin, is intricate. It talks about the high caliber and skill of the artist to be able to carve such fine details of intricate scene on a netsuke, which is just one piece of pure mammoth ivory.

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Measurements :
Height: 3.5, Width:3 , Length: 2.5 Cm