A gentle, extraordinary and abstract carving. This mammoth ivory netsuke of a grandmother and her grandson is the absolute definition of craftsmanship and beauty.

A Traditional Mammoth Ivory Netsuke

This mammoth ivory netsuke has a beautiful and subtle stain which makes it more traditional. But by using this subtle stain the carver is able to draw attention to the features and garments of the son and grandmother. He showcases their age, their bond and their love beautifully. And in doing so he manages to make the scene more cheerful. In particular, their facial expressions are very detailed. And instead of making them appear hard-pressed because of their hard labor, he makes them happy. However, it’s evident by the grandmothers weary appearance and dull clothing that they’re working class. But, the grandson is only happy to help relieve the burden of his aging grandmother.

This is a classic sign of respect and admiration between the generation. As well, this mammoth ivory netsuke captures discipline, character and perseverance perfectly.

The master carver also decorates their garments with simple design which also reveals their class and status. It’s attention to detail like this that makes this piece exceptional and unique.

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