Hand carved mammoth ivory netsuke – a Fukurokuju & his Student .
The master carver made an exceptional work on this amazing Mammoth ivory Netsuke- Please notice the Master carve signature at the bottom of the Netsuke. On Fukurokuju back we can see the two halls drilled in order to insert the cord that held the Inro. As well we can notice at the schoolmaster rod.
We can close our eyes & imagine how the god of wisdom Fukurokuju teaching his student poetry. Every detail in this marvel’s netsuke is carved to perfection look at the wrinkles on Fukurokuju brow & the Chinese characters on the student chart.
A few words on Fukurokuju – Fukurokuju is one of the Seven Lucky Gods – He is the god of wisdom, happiness & long Life as well Fukurokuju is the god of Chess players, watchmakers and athletes. This netsuke is made of Mammoth Ivory Tusk –from the extinct woolly mammoth that roamed the earth before- 10,000 – 40,000 years ago.
Mammoth Ivory is legal worldwide.

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