Family is truly important and nowhere is this more evident than in this visually appealing and attention grabbing, lovely mammoth ivory master netsuke. This particular piece displays love in all it’s forms. The father loving his son, and the son loving the father as well as his pet cat.

The Story of This Mammoth Ivory Netsuke Told Through A Gifted Carver

You can see that the artist wanted to give the purchaser as much detail about the scene. Hence, he spared no expense creating a piece that had every feature imaginable.

The carver of this piece captured the emotion and kinship perfectly in this piece. And he paid special attention to the details of this carving. In particular, you’ll notice the staff the father is carrying has specific details and is proportioned to his body.
Another, fascinating part of this piece is the detail placed in the attire of the father and the child. As well as the details portrayed in their facial features.

From head to toe this is an exquisite and quality mammoth ivory master netsuke. Something you’ll want to keep for a long time but also something that will increase in value.

Another,  amazing feature of this mammoth ivory master netsuke is the hat which features prominently. And because the artist makes the entire piece with rare, durable and highly valuable mammoth ivory it is the perfect collectors item.

An item you’ll never regret purchasing. Buy it now and you’ll be eligible for our worldwide shipping.



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