Finally a festive mammoth ivory master netsuke to ring in joy, peace and prosperity. This artwork has been inspired by Chinese festivals. Because of this, this master ivory netsuke is uncommon. As many carvers choose to model their netsuke after Japanese tradition.

That fact alone make this netsuke a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese netsuke. A cross-cultural musing of a traditionally Japanese artifact.

A Meaningful Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke Based On Chinese Traditions

If you look closely you will notice that the people carved in this netsuke are indeed Chinese. There facial features, and manner in which they carve their hair alludes to this fact. Which gives this netsuke a precious intercultural meaning. Also, the dragon, which is popular in Chinese festivals is another sign the carver is mixing traditions with this netsuke.

Also, the scene this netsuke is depicting is one of good fortune and goodwill. It’s a celebratory netsuke. And is symbolic of chasing away the old and inviting in the new. You can see this by the drum the man is beating and the dragon that they are carrying.
Their attire is also quite befitting of a celebration, and define the tone of this festival.


And you can also celebrate your collection and love of the East with this valuable netsuke made with rare and valuable mammoth ivory.
Remember, this netsuke is perfect for buyers who want to add a vogue netsuke to their collection.


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