Skillfully craved, mammoth ivory netsuke of poet writing and drinking tea. A simple concept that captures a myriad of expressions and holds significance about the life of a poet. Look at the endearing smile, the happiness that seems to radiate from his facial expressions. Notice the way the poet holds the teapot and how he holds the cup. See that his hair is tied up with a small piece of cloth or hat while the plaited hair hangs down his back. The traditional dress and hairstyle accentuates the complete depiction of the netsuke of poet writing and drinking tea.

Though the poet is about to drink tea, the scroll of poetry is right in front of him.  Look at the tiny yet nearly legible handwriting that the Master Carver has hand painted with the thinnest paintbrush. Notice the one piece of mammoth ivory that has been used to carve this ivory netsuke of poet. Don’t miss the small teapot with an even tinier spout but each aspect of the netsuke of poet writing and drinking tea, is carved to perfection.

Pure mammoth ivory netsuke of poet drinking tea

See how he is sitting straight but has his head turned at an angle. That gives a glimpse of the neck and the finish of the beard, ears and the hairstyle. This tiny yet absolutely magnificent netsuke of poet has been completely hand carved from one piece of mammoth ivory. Look how the overhanging sleeves mask the delicate patterns and designs on the robe. Looking at the netsuke of the poet from another angle, the designs and hand painted designs in brown and rust are visible. The synchrony of the theme and the design accentuates the details that the Master Carver has enumerated in pure mammoth ivory.  See the pen holder, the uniquely designed table and even his shoes are finished to perfection. See the bend of the knee, the fall and curve of the pant which is carved with etched designs

This outstanding Netsuke made of 100% genuine Mammoth ivory Tusk & made out from the best grade of mammoth ivory tusk. Mammoth ivory Netsukes is absolutely legal worldwide.

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